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the coops

So every one knows this is Kit’s dog.


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Hunting with Ethan

Ethan and I went duck hunting this last Saturday.  7 ducks between us, crazy wind, and a couple lucky shots and we got a couple of ducks.  Bonneu Ferry was good to us, saw couple thousand ducks. 

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5 layer b-day cake

Kit asked for a simple chocolate cake in the theme of a snickers. So to go over the top just a little bit, I got some pecan’s, caramel and cream cheese icing. The cake was a chocolate 5 layer covered with cream cheese icing and caramel between each layer, and the top well you can see. We took it to hominy grill in downtown Charleston, where I was glad we even got to eat it because of all the people asking who baked that and not believing that a guy could have even thought to do that. Stupid stereo types and a great cake for Kit’s 23 birthday.

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Snow Day

This was what will probably be one of the last snow days that Kit & I will get to experience for a while since we’re moving down to Charleston this summer.  After three years, I finally  got Kit out in the snow for hours of play.  We just came back from a Broadway at the Peace Center, Wicked. We had snow driving into Greenville and snow coming back.  What is amazing is that Clemson got the “least” amount of snow in the state, the Columbia with 9″, Charleston with 4″ in this freak snow storm.  Guess it really was Snowpacalypse 2010.

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