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Summer Externship Assignment

Pharmacy school requires that I do a 4 week externship my first 2 summers.  Basically this is a form of slavery, as I receive no financial reimbursement for my work, but even worse than that I have to pay MUSC to even do the externship! (we’re not talking chump change either).  But I will gain experience and more hands on knowledge…enough of my rant!

The first summer, our externships are in Community pharmacies (i.e. retail).  I’ve received my assignment for the summer…drum roll please…I got Vincent’s Drug Store!  I am so excited!!  Vincent’s was my first choice.  It’s an independent pharmacy on Kiawah that does compounding.  The store is set-up like an old-school pharmacy, with a soda-fountain and all!  I’ve kinda thrown around the idea of opening my own pharmacy one day, but I don’t really know much about what’s involved.  I’m excited to learn about it and hopefully decide if my own store is actually something I want.

So, come see me at Vincent’s if you’re in Charleston in May 🙂


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weekend jitters!

While, I hate being home alone during the week while Nathan is working in Columbia, oh how I love the weekends!  My week is filled with school and studying, but come Thursday afternoon, I just get so jittery & excited for him to get home already!  Overall, this being apart during the week is no good, but at least the weekends always feel exciting 🙂

Hopefully my test will go well tomorrow morning, then I can continue with my Valentine’s decorating, making, & baking because I need a break from school after this week.

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