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T minus 9 days

That’s right.  We close on the house in nine days!!  Then we become first time home owners.  It feels totally crazy, but I’m so excited…it’s less work than having a kid, right?  😉  So, what have we done so far to prepare for this house?  Well…I’ve raided the local liquor store’s boxes and begun packing items that fit in those small boxes; we’ve gotten some boxes from friends who recently moved; found where we need to buy the appliances we need (washer, dryer, fridge anyone?); Nathan has made elaborate plans for the garage & laundry room; he purchased an epoxy kit for the garage floor–complete with orange & purple flakes; we bought a lawn mower, and a potted red geranium!  Nothing says welcome home to me like a red geranium at the front door, and with the diligent care plants receive at Lowes, I figured we needed to go ahead and purchase my red geranium so it had time for some TLC.

Oh, and Cooper couldn’t let us have all the fun with the house festivities.  Of course he had to be included.  He dug his first hole in the backyard during the final walk-thru…they’re never to old to dig.

I think our garage floor is going to look something like this…

…I told you Nathan had elaborate plans for the garage.  Just you wait.


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