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White Coat Ceremony

I have started pharmacy school (yikes!).  After enduring 2 tedious days of orientation, classes finally started.  And, well, Biochem is already overwhelming.  The teacher started with a basic definition of biochemistry, then jumped right into a detailed example of a drug mechanism–what!?  Our class had no idea what was going on…so much for introductory material I guess.  Anyways, the first night of orientation was The White Coat Ceremony.  I’m officially a professional, or so they tell us.

Mama Meow, Nathan, Dad & Diana came to help celebrate this event.

Just after the ceremony, SCCP had a banquet for us…Nathan arrived from work just in time for the food! 🙂  He tried his hardest to make it in time and I love him for it.

PharmD, here I come!


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Our Apartment

So these are a little past due, but better late than never, right?  I should forewarn you that I LOVE our apartment, so forgive me for posting so many pictures.

Our Bedroom

The antique dresser Nathan refinished for me.  This had been in my family’s attic forever, and trust me, it did not look like this before.

Our Kitchen table…with 3 chairs.  It’s a 2 time around handmedown. 🙂

The Kitchen…where yumminess originates.

Our den. (see my desk in the corner!)

Our HUGE bathroom! 🙂

So, now that you’ve had the grand tour, come visit in person!   We love to have guests~for dinner, for beach fun, sleepovers, etc.  Come share life with us in Johns Island.

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