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It’s been awhile

So, it’s been awhile.  Life has brought us a few changes.  A lot of changes in fact.  Here’s the quick rundown: Nathan got a job at DHEC permitting landfills and loved it.  We got another golden retriever puppy.  I graduated pharmacy school and got a job with CVS at the CVS in Clemson.  We found a tiny rental house that allowed us to have our dogs, so we sold our home and moved to Clemson.  We had to say goodbye to my sweet dog Cooper.  Nathan got a job with SCDOT in Greenville, driving an hour each way to work daily, so he found another job with the city of Clemson.  He starts in 2 weeks!  So that’s a quick update on us.

Meet Stono Riggs (look for him on instagram #stonoriggs)

        Meet our new goldie, Stono Riggs


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