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Honeymoon in Savannah

Nathan & I honeymooned in Savannah and I must say that it’s a beautiful city.  Nathan & I enjoyed many walks through all the parks in the city and some delicious southern food.  My favorite walk was our longest & hottest walk (100+ degrees).  We decided to walk to a yummy bakery about 2 miles from our hotel.  I enjoyed seeing the gardens and elaborate architecture along the way, and the food at the bakery was so delicious that we had to go back our last day for more!  We also walked along River St. but since it’s below the city level, it was way hotter than anywhere else in the city.  We went to Tybee two days to enjoy the beach and some fish tacos! (tasty, but no Poe’s).  When Friday came, I did not want to leave and I kept trying to convince Nathan that we could steal the bed from our room and no one would notice.  (I fell in love with our beautiful 4-poster).

Since we’ve returned, we’ve continued in honeymoon mode.  Nathan will begin his job with the FHWA August 2, so our life of bliss will abruptly end.  Married life is fabulous without work and living at the beach 🙂

This is the view from our hotel room.  It’s the bridge that leads from SC to Savannah…kinda looks familiar , eh?A sweet family took this picture for us in front of a famous fountain in the largest Garden in Savannah, Forsynth Park.  This was on the way to Back in the Day Bakery.

Oh, and if you plan a trip to Savannah, take bottled water.  Tap water there=nasty.  We walked to CVS to buy water.  Nathan walked 3+ blocks carrying 2 gallons of water.  🙂


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