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love this season

The season of afternoon thunderstorms is finally here!  I LOVE it!  The cool breeze, the downpour of rain, the roars of thunder and the sparkles of lightening.  I find it absolutely relaxing…however, Cooper does not.  I got home today just after the storm started to find my giant 12 year old golden retriever cowering in the corner of my bedroom.  (poor baby)  I’ve had a panting 4-legged shadow ever since I opened the door.  I got to enjoy the storm from the rockers on my porch for as long as I thought ole’ Coops could handle it, because of course he couldn’t leave my side.

They’re just wonderful.  I’m going to miss Johns Island thunderstorms.  I feel like the skies open right above me when it thunders out here.


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The past week has been a crazy, but fun spring break-esc blur.  I started it off with a sleepover since Nathan was in DC, then Mom stayed with me while she was in town, then Kalin & Bert stayed for the week while Bert searched for jobs in the Charleston area, then Nathan came home thursday, then Rob flew in for the Bridge run, & Dad came down for the weekend.  How do all these people fit into a one bedroom apt you ask?  Magic!  Nah, just good timing & flexibility.  I was so thankful to have all the company, esp while Nathan was out of town–it kept me good company!  Good news–the new house has 3 bedrooms so hopefully no one will have to sleep on the sofa or floor anymore.  I feel like I should add that Bert & Kalin are awesome house guests!  They cook, clean, & take out the trash!  I came home one day from class only to find that the cleaning fairy had come to my apartment 🙂

The Cooper River Bridge Run was Saturday.  Nathan, Rob (yes, Rob flew in from Boulder to run 10K), & I ran the bridge run sporting some super snazzy team Rx shirts–complements of SC College of Pharmacy.



So we weren’t quite as chipper afterwards, but still smiles all around.

Still didn’t make my goal of running it under an hour, but there’s always next year!  Thanks again to Kalin & Bert for being our transportation to MP & back!!

Nathan & I had been waiting to go to the Firefly distillery on Wadmalaw Island until Dad was in town, so we took the opportunity Saturday.  Definitely a neat place.  They let you sample vodkas/rums they don’t sell anywhere else.  The Firefly lemonade is quite tasty!  If sweet tea flavored vodka isn’t your thing, they also have a vineyard out there.  I think they only make muscadine wines (on the sweeter side).  AND, there’s a zoo of farm animals!  It’s a great afternoon outing for your next trip to Charleston 🙂  …..just be aware there may be a group of women praying for you in the parking lot as you walk up.


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Nathan’s home from DC!!!!!  After what seemed like forever (10 days).  He had a wonderful time touring the Smithsonian & monuments, going to the Cherry Tree Festival, eating at delicious restaurants, and oh yeah, going to a conference.  I don’t even think he missed me with all that fun!

Tonight I made a Country Fried Steak dinner to welcome Nathan home, but with a small healthy twist.  I used venison as the steak.  I let it soak all afternoon in butter milk (well, milk + vinegar, I didn’t actually have buttermilk), then breaded and fried it.  Nothing like a healthy fried meal before the Cooper River Bridge Run–2 days!!  It was awesome–thanks Ethan for killing a deer!

Also, Mom sent me this link tonight of a live feed of an Eagle whose eggs are supposed to hatch in the next 2 days.  I think there are 3 eggs.  So, yeah, we totally have the live feed up hoping to catch the action.  Check it out


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