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Great news!  My first semester is over in pharmacy school!  I survived!! So far, I’m satisfied with the grades.  So, my first post will be about the night Nathan & I made Beef Bourguignon.  After the first time I watched Julie & Julia I wanted to make it, and then after Nathan watched the movie, he was on board too.  The following weekend, Nathan & I began our journey to make Beef Bourguignon!  It was probably some of the best tasting food I’ve ever put into my mouth.  Now, it was also the most labor & time intensive dish I’ve ever made.  Nathan & I made the mistake of beginning cooking around 5pm…we didn’t get to eat until 10, but it was so worth it.


These are the cutest and most delicious onions ever!

Drying the meat so it will brown.

Okay, so I understand this may not look the best in this pot, but trust me, it’s to die for.

Now doesn’t that look meal was perfect.  We served it over mashed potatoes with a cheese biscuit, mainly because we had to keep ourselves busy while the dish cooked FOREVER.

Recommendation:  Make this dish.  It’s worth it, just make it on a day when you have plenty of time.  You’ll have plenty for guests too and you’ll definitely impress them!  This is a meal I’ll never forget 🙂


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