It’s been awhile

So, it’s been awhile.  Life has brought us a few changes.  A lot of changes in fact.  Here’s the quick rundown: Nathan got a job at DHEC permitting landfills and loved it.  We got another golden retriever puppy.  I graduated pharmacy school and got a job with CVS at the CVS in Clemson.  We found a tiny rental house that allowed us to have our dogs, so we sold our home and moved to Clemson.  We had to say goodbye to my sweet dog Cooper.  Nathan got a job with SCDOT in Greenville, driving an hour each way to work daily, so he found another job with the city of Clemson.  He starts in 2 weeks!  So that’s a quick update on us.

Meet Stono Riggs (look for him on instagram #stonoriggs)

        Meet our new goldie, Stono Riggs


MLK weekend

MLK weekend is always special to us.

3 years ago today, Nathan proposed. 🙂

It was freezing in OIB that weekend. The pipes had frozen at the beach house, and yet none of this mattered (at least not to me). It was a perfect weekend and I’m so glad I got to share it with so many good friends! Miss you guys!

We have an anthem!

While listening to my Jukebox the Ghost (thanks Justin!) Pandora station, an Ingrid Michaelson song came on.  I love her–she’s just awesome.  I listen to this station all the time because it keeps me awake focused while I study.  I’m sure I’ve heard this song before, but this time was the first time I really heard the lyrics.  After listening (and making Nathan listen too), we decided this was our anthem.  Hope it makes you smile too.

Delana turned 50

And wanted to zip-lining for her birthday.  Sweet right!  Well originally, it was zip-lining, white water rafting, and scare-owinds.  All in one day.  Would have probably killed us all. (besides, I don’t think I could have handled Scare-owinds).

So, we all loaded up in the car last Sunday to head to the Charlotte area on our canopy tour zip-lining adventure.  When we got to the Olympic White Water facility, the only visible zipline lasted oh, about 30 seconds and were no tree canopies in sight.  We were worried that was going to be our trip (how disappointing).  But, we soon found our location.  We left from the middle of the woods starting short ziplines that progressively got longer.  It was fantastic!  I gotta be honest, the guides made me a little nervous about “braking.”  Of course the first time I tried to “break” I was going backwards and the whole time I was worried I was going to break on the wrong side and run over my hand (ow!).  Thankfully, I figured that out and managed to stop before crashing into the tree on the other side 🙂  A few lines in, Delana starts getting anxious about how many ziplines we have left…then, we hit rope bridges.  OMG.  I don’t think I’ve been that physically scared in a long time.  Even though I was attached by a cable the whole time, I was terrified of falling off the rope bridges, mainly because I didn’t know how I would get back up.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull myself up.  So, my body chose to shake uncontrollably all the way across making walking across that much harder.  Of course the guys just popped right across the bridges with no trouble at all…Delana & I bonded over our fear.  Somehow we managed to finish the course, though, I don’t think Delana would have elected to do that for her birthday if she had known about the bridges 🙂  After it was all over, I found myself feeling pretty invincible last week…take that rope bridges!

I think I’m ready to go back.  sans shaking.

Fall & Projects

Nathan & I have gotten into decorating for fall.  I love any excuse to decorate, especially when it means craft time instead of study time!

Nathan found a great idea for making garland online somewhere (sorry–don’t know where) that he knew I would love to make.  So, garland making I began…

Then when that wasn’t enough, I also made a wreath to match!

While I welcomed fall, Nathan got pumped for Halloween.  Knowing I wouldn’t be able to handle anything too crazy on the outside of our house, he decided to make a spider web…I think it’s actually pretty cool 🙂

Nathan found this light at the restore:

…and made this for our entry way!

So that’s our fall welcoming…Not too much pumpkin food going on yet.  Only pumpkin muffins so far, but man I am dying to get in the kitchen with my cans of pumpkin!

The joys of living in Columbia

Nathan’s car got egged. yay.

Our Weekend in Pictures

Miller Morrison!

Bert & Kalin’s baby came a little early than expected but only by a few days.  Miller joined us September 20!  He’s adorable 🙂

Clemson – FSU game

Dad & I decided last minute to go to the Clemson game, and we are soo glad we chose this game! Man, the Tigers had a GREAT game.  I miss Clemson so much.  Love Death Valley.

The Hinkle Men's Gator

Real men ride gators, not horses.

 Nathan, his Dad, & his brother went gator hunting Saturday night in the South Santee River.  They got one hell of a gator!

And that was our weekend.